Ruleset update

We’ve had a busy week full of rapid iterations based on playtesting, playtesting, and more playtesting.

Our current game ruleset can be found here, on our forum. And speaking of forums.. the first 99 users to comment on this thread will be accepted as playtesters, and receive print-and-play as well as TableTop Simulator versions of our current prototype to test! 🙂 We’ll be working on building a relationship with our testers to take everyone’s feedback, comments, critiques, and suggestions.

So far, design discussions based on internal testing have led to a number of changes to our preliminary ruleset this week:

  • removed materials as a resource, leaving just gold
  • added three cards: The Sheriff, The Chapel, and The Roundel
  • adjusted all card costs and damage and health values

We’ve also been focusing on getting out art for all of our current cards, including the card frame, while gearing up for an external testing session at the Magic PreRelease at Uppsala this weekend. This means we’ve set up a couple of starter decks for players to test with. Deck-building is an intended aspect of State of Wonder – however, for new players, it wouldn’t be the best idea balance-wise to demand newcomers build their own decks. That’s where the balanced starter decks come in to play.

Our team has also begun using Steam’s Tabletop Simulator, to be able to set up a testable electronic rendition of the game. It’s still in the polish phase, so we’ll keep you posted when we’re able to release links. At the moment, we’re focusing on invite-based testing via Tabletop Simulator to narrow into our intended audience, that is to say, players who are looking for a card game that does not feature randomization or RNG.

More updates to follow early next week; have a great weekend, y’all!


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