Testing, Starter Decks, and Consultation, oh my!

It’s been another busy week full of illness and dedication in the face of illness! Testing continues, and testing slots are still open on our forum.

We’ve tightened down our MVP, and focused on what our game brings to the table – rather than what it avoids. Namely, State of Wonder focuses on tactical gameplay, strategy and bluffing! We’ve also nailed down our Hollywood-style pitch to give players insight into the aesthetics, mechanics, and dynamics of State of Wonder:

“It’s Age of Empires meets Magic: The Gathering!”

On Thursday we also had a consultation with a guest lecturer at our Game Design program, who gave us some valuable insight and advice in moving forward with our project. A Kickstarter is on the horizon, and a goal we’re actively working toward.

The team is working on adding and redesigning existing Starter Decks for the State of Wonder.

I’m personally (this is Exa writing) super EXCITE about the Cultist deck (Black MTG player here) we’re working on. Hopefully the deck will be available for testing next week. 🙂

And lastly check out some of the concept art our talented Art Lead has been producing! Catch y’all on Monday!


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