Srs Bizznezz

Hey y’all!

This week’s gone by with some more fast iterations and a culminative update to our ruleset. We’re working on knocking out all the art we’ll need for our prototype so we can get to printing. We’re also in the market for distributors, and have got the scoop on a potential partner for distribution we’re very excited about.

We’ll be moving into registering as an official company soon, so our business plan is next on the docket.

Throughout the course of our Game Design programme we’ve been trained to work with lean production and agile software development – and I have to say I love the efficiency with which our team tests mechanics, constructs possible solutions, tests the solutions, and tweaks and refines our ruleset and card values as a result.

One thing we’re struggling with is visibility in a sea of indie devs and new start ups, where the AAA titles are the only landmarks most people recognize! Or have time for! We do a lot of local playtesting on Gotland, but so far it’s been largely internal, and we’re organizing external on-site playtesting next week, as well as inviting off-islanders to join us for testing sessions via our Tabletop Simulator version, or Print-and-Play.

We will be at Wiscon!  21-23 Oct

If you’re in Visby, drop by Wiscon next weekend to meet our team, shoot the breeze, and play State of Wonder! We’ll be there with bells on. 🙂


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