Digital Prototype Coding, Business Plans, New Art!

Hey y’all! November’s come and gone with us busy working away on card art, new frames, our own digital prototype for State of Wonder, 3D assets for the same, and business plans and budgets.

Don’t worry, we won’t make you read our spreadsheets. Suffice it to say we’ve gotten some excellent professional start-up advisers and are continuing to polish our business plan.


Actual photo of Exa after 30 hrs of working on business plans and budgets

A Free-to-Play Digital Prototype is being developed for State of Wonder!

Perhaps the biggest announcement is we’re almost a month in on development of a digital prototype for State of Wonder. This means we want players to be able to test our game online for free in a digital format. We also want the digital version of the game to function as a tutorial for new players, and, eventually, a fully-functional digital version of the card game. As soon as the digital prototype is complete with single player versus AI tutorial play, we will begin implementing features to take it to the next level: that means net-code and online pvp support.

Our digital prototype is being developed in Unity, coded primarily by Kuri, soon to have Exa swell the ranks. Ponyus is developing 3D art assets to the prototype, with support from Van. We’re using C# and Kuri has been going for a heavily object-oriented, moddable base code that will be easy to expand upon as we add more cards and abilities.

Below is a clip of how our digital prototype is coming along, showcasing “stacking” in combat – that is to say, the player selecting multiple units to attack the same enemy card with.

All of the graphics are placeholders in this clip, of course, where the red and gray circles will be replaced with icons representing a “fight” (at least two cards locked in combat).

Of course, our Tabletop Simulator version of the game is still available and will continue to be, download the mod here!

We’ve also got a lovely new card frame designed and developed by Van:


Templar faction card frame update. Each faction will have a uniquely coloured card frame – the positioning of icons and text, however, will be consistent!

We’ve gone for a more intuitive design by Van: rather than having multiple text fields where the player has to memorize what positioning on the frame relates to what stat, the use of bold, illustrative icons for attack value (mid left), defense value (mid right), and cost (upper left) as well as progress (upper right) will hopefully mean a more intuitive learning curve for new players.

As always, lead artist Addis is busy working on card art – below are two new tidbits for you, the Templars’ Warrior Priest and the neutral faction Standard Bearer.

The Warrior Priest, a 1/1 for 3 Gold, Exhausts and Delays a target unit when she enters the battlefield, making this card particularly attractive as a control option, to buy the player some valuable time or prevent a specific enemy card from acting.

The Standard Bearer is a 3/2 for 4 Gold, which gives all other units you control gain +1 attack  while they are in the same zone as Standard Bearer. This makes the card a powerful support choice. Can you picture it combined with a Heresy bonus? xD

Tomorrow BetterBuilt has another internal moot scheduled regarding our business strats going forward. We’ll give you a Twitter and Facebook update afterward!

Catch you again soon!



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