Lore tidbits

HEY YO NEW YEAR AND ALL! To kick things off, here are some previews from the world-building our lore lead Exa (that’s me) is working on!

One Thousand Years of Winter

One thousand years of winter have ravaged the land, laying waste to whatever civilizations, whatever technology, whatever gods and beliefs held sway before the sky grew dark. It is said that the sea spewed fire, one thousand years ago, though how or why is little understood. All that is known is the how the firmament was flooded the atmosphere with black ash in the months that followed, ash that choked the sun out of the sky. The sun faded. The heavens darkened. And the winter never ended.

Until now.

The Crux Militem

The highly militarized, wandering crusade known as the Crux Militem is a plague-infested warband on a witchhunt. Their conviction lies in iron, unity, and the unshakeable belief that the Thousand Years of Winter were divine punishment imposed upon the lands by the vengeful gods of the sky.

Their tactics tend toward the straight-forward and effective, though their use of biological warfare in the form of the Scarlet Plague makes them thus far unique among the warring states.

The Militem is led by three siblings known as The Golden Terror, The Iron Champion, and The Wandering Plague.

The eldest, called the Golden Terror, is famed for his ruthless tactics, as for his exceptional armour – fashioned from a unique metal of a yellow-gold hue, said to have been found in a fallen star.

The middle child, Arsenius, known as The Iron Champion, is a reknowned warrior seemingly immune to The Scarlet Plague.

The Wandering Plague is the youngest of the three. A man so frail he is said to be a corpse, ashy skin stretched over gaunt limbs. He contracted the Scarlet Plague as a child, but did not die to it.

And did somebody say FLAVOURTEXTS? Our goal is to set the mood and tone of each card and their relevant faction in a card’s flavour text – and, ideally, to pack as much of a lore-punch as we can into one little sentence. Below are a few examples!

Ritualists Flavour Text Samples

“They sent their armies against us. We sent them back.”

– Fortification: Cadaver Cannon

“Like the First Martyr before us, our blood shall water the earth.”

– Unit: Innocent Sacrifice

“His words were a whip. With each lash, he drove them into a frenzy.”

– Unit: Hardened Lieutenant

Frifolk Flavour Text Samples

“Money is a construct, my friend. But desperation? That’s what really makes the world go round.”

– State: Moneylender’s Empire

“Welcome to the Frifolk. We have two rules. One: there are no rules, and Two: don’t piss Nanna off.”

– Wonder: Nanna’s Tavern

Mercenary (neutral) Flavour Text Samples

“You can buy and sell anything at the markets of Kvikeld. Swords, supplies. Loyalties. Lives.”

– Building: Market

“Some of the Cult’s best warriors came from the farmlands of Lubgorod. And when their loved ones were sacrificed, some of them returned..”

– Building: Garrison

“Take a deep breath, Tacitus. That’s the smell of fifty-four hard-working men. Sleeping, eating, fucking in one wooden shed.”

– Building: Barracks

We’ll be updating with some annoucements in the coming week, so stay tuned as always, and let’s kick 2017’s ass worse than 2016 kicked ours. ^^


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