Artwork Insight & Process

Hello folks, the main artist Addis here to share the process I go through while creating all the card artwork for SoW! To show it off visually (seeing how that’s my jam) I’ll be using the Warmonger art to break down the steps that it went through from start to finish.

1: A rough sketch is made to pinpoint the general look and posing of the character. The time spent on these can range from 5 to 25 minutes, depending on how many sketches are done before finding the best shot.


2: The rough is cleaned up into a clearer sketch, with shadows applied to show where the light source is located. Some detail is added in as well, but the sketch is still kept fairly loose to allow for further edits. Usually, this stage takes about 30-ish minutes.


3: Lineart time! The shadow layers are kept hidden throughout this process. As inking is my specialty as an artist, editing and adding in content is done on the fly during this stage through trial and error to create differences in the line work. The time spent on this varies greatly depending on the complexity of each piece, but usually lands within 1 – 2 hours.


4: The shadows enters the battle field… And define the character details to their fullest. Heavily inspired by a retro comic book style (think Agent X9, Judge Dredd, Axa, etc.) the shadows are thick and dominating, creating shapes and depth with large swaths of ink. Once again, depending on the complexity of the image itself, time spent varies ranging from 1 to 3 hours.


5: Bring out your colouring books, it’s time to paint it up! As of now, colour schemes for each faction are being decided upon, so not too much time is spent on this final stage (roughly 20 minutes), as it’s only meant to show where the differences in hue are located.


And that wraps this step-by-step up! For those of you interested in hardware/software specifications, here are the tools used throughout the process:

Paint Tool SAI
Photoshop CS2
(An old yet still kickin’) Huion H610 graphics tablet

Seeya folks next time!


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