About the Game

Welcome to a world filled with conflict. In State Of Wonder, you play as the leader of a state on the edge of war. Different city states are emerging throughout the land, each vying for dominance. And the only way to achieve victory is to be the first one to craft a majestic Wonder.

But it’s not an easy task. You will face your opponents in pitched battle and city sieges in this competition. You have to start up an economy, gather soldiers, reinforce your walls. And ready up your defences, for the leader to first build a Wonder is surely asking to be attacked!

“State of Wonder” is a competitive card game for 2 or more players. The game utilizes strategy, bluffing and economics to allow you to seize victory in this game of wonders. Use different tactics, going for an aggressive conqueror win or build the greatest state and win by constructing the strongest state, whom none can oppose.

To learn more about how to play State of Wonder, please sign up for testing via our Facebook testing group. Print-and-play, onsite in Visby, and Tabletop Simulator versions are currently available for testing.